Bare Necessities

Many times, we focus so much on complex projects – oftentimes, unsustainable frivolities – and neglect the simple bare necessities. Necessities like taking care of your body, investing in your relationship with God, working on your relationships with others, choosing peace… It seems crazy on the face of it, but when was the last time you worked out? Or took your vitamins? Or spent time with God? Not ‘plus Jesus, minus Satan,’ o, I mean actually sat with God and talked to him about your life and listened for what he was saying? When was the last time you took a minute to reflect on why you’re working on the project you’re working on? Have you ever stepped back to ask yourself if your approach is the best one?

When you focus on frivolities and ignore necessities, you look like the guy who is driving a car with a sick paint job and thin, blackened engine oil. We all know where he’s headed: the side of the road. Not to pose for pictures, o. STRANDED!Why? Because the engine of the car needs engine oil to run, and not just engine oil, the golden, viscous kind that can nourish the ‘joints’. A sick paint job is a sweet bonus. Beside him, the guy driving a beat up jalopy with a well-maintained engine looks like a super star.

Don’t be that guy. Spend time with God. Get a workout in. Eat clean. Take your vitamins. Drink your water. Mind your business. Moisturize your edges.

What else should we put on the list?

Any thoughts?

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