Believe me when I say I came across this story this morning and even though I had seen it before, it blessed my entire existence. I'll tell you why later. First, the story. Yesterday afternoon, I decided to treat myself to a great meal so I walked into the restaurant of a five-star hotel. After... Continue Reading →

The Problem Multiplier

How much easier will our lives be if, the first day we notice a problem, I treated it as it is: a problem? They may not be inconvenient, or may even be nice to deal with, but they’re still problems. And there is a way that problems should be treated.

Waiting for a Miracle

If all you're willing to do to achieve your dreams is pray, you might wake up ten years later and still be praying, unless God decides that he just wants to help you. But even then, it'll be a lucky break - a fluke, not something you can reproduce two weeks later.

Mental Slavery

I used to think of Bob Marley as a revolutionary when I learned that he wanted us to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. But is it not true? Do we not need to emancipate ourselves? Why will we allow ourselves to be manipulated into sitting still in the midst of others going about their business? Who has sitting still in the place of movement ever helped?

Coffin in the Roof

And I learned to stay woke and keep an eye on what's going on around me and never be paralyzed by the fear of leaving my comfort zone. Because sometimes, comfortable can become a coffin and like the frog, we may not realize it until it's sealed shut.

The Road Trip

I'm learning that life is a journey - I personally like to think about it as a road trip - and on this road trip, I need to keep my eyes on your own lane and follow the instructions from my control device, otherwise, lanelessness is not the worst thing that could happen to me.

Black and White

When we're living in black and white, decision making becomes easy as pie because all we have to do is reject every option that is not in line with our values. Living in black and white makes life incredibly simple. But not so easy, I'm afraid.

On Buffering

Buffering begets more buffering. And buffering - turning over the same information in my mind a hundred times - is a waste of my time and energy. So I made a decision to stop buffering. When I have a challenge, I either do something to fix it or I figure out how to live with it. And if I truly apply myself and think through a challenge/ situation one time, and I am not able to reach a resolution, I take my hands off it and give it to God, who is a much better thinker than me. Most of the time the answers come to me when I'm not worrying about them.

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