Going where the love is

As I grow older (and hopefully, wiser) I am learning the value of letting things go, letting go of things that are toxic, or just discomfiting, because I no longer have room on my little boat for excess baggage. And because I'm not looking for trouble, or complication, or drama. Truth be told, it's always... Continue Reading →


We never like to think about them or talk about them, but endings are an integral part of life, probably the most important part even. If old things don't end, new ones can't start. And if new ones don't start, how do we move forward? Yes, things evolve over time, and they appreciate but some... Continue Reading →

Usage and Control

I play Monopoly a lot on my iPhone. It's one of my favorite games because it doesn't just depend on luck, like some other games, there's also an element of strategy and a 'psychological element'. When I play Monopoly, I have a basic strategy that works 9.5 times out of 10. It is a strategy that... Continue Reading →

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