The Path

Let me tell you about my morning this morning. I woke up and went straight to church - online, not in person - and then I planned to organize the apartment before prepping for the week - set goals, outfit prep, meal prep... The goal was to finish organizing/ cleaning and then shower and be... Continue Reading →

The Closet

I’m laying on my bedroom floor, looking at my closet. The closet is in my line of sight. It’s a great closet. It’s beautifully crafted and everyone that has seen it raves about it and then takes a picture so that they can replicate it. The only thing is this is not what I asked... Continue Reading →

Fear! You again?

When fear walks into the room, he tries to convince us that dangerous and deadly are one and the same so, logically, we respond to dangerous like we would respond to deadly. But dangerous and deadly are not the same. They’re similar, but they’re not synonyms. The was to respond to deadly is the way Scooby-doo responds to everything; dangerous, you can proceed with caution.

This Preparation Thing

If you really believe you’ll have something, you’ll prepare for it. You’ll take the class. You’ll get the recipe. You’ll buy the furniture, or the car mats, or the pram. You won’t be on in the delivery room during your breaks from pushing trying to buy a car seat to take the baby home in. That’s all.

Teacher Rat and the Pentecostal Frenzy

We simply cannot afford to get distracted by the things we see around us or the things that happen to us. We cannot afford to be the ones that take our attention off of traffic and stare at a car accident or a burning car or even a beautiful car while driving at 80mph. Sometimes, we need to put on our headphones and face our focus.

Patience or Procrastination?

The world does not sit and wait while we take our sweet time implementing action plans. So if you know the play, just run it. The circumstances will never be perfect. The opportune time is now. Seize the day. Carpe diem.

The one you don’t see coming

I read a quote once that spoke to the fact that the difference between the thing that may go wrong and the thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when they go wrong, one is quick and simple to fix and the other is almost always impossible to fix. You can guess which is which.

The Art of Time

There's a rhythm to life and in order to be successful, we must catch the rhythm and move with it. We can’t afford to be off-beat. We must use opportunities within their window. Sometimes, when we fumble opportunities, the situation is redeemable. But some opportunities are not so easily redeemed. You miss the window and it's gone.

Replicas and Bonuses

Many of us are familiar with the ‘iPhone release cycle,’ where the good people at Apple Computers convene a meeting in September to tell us all about it, but the phone may not be available for sale until mid-October. The interval gives people time to build their excitement about the new release and gather their coins so that they can purchase the goods. Life seems to have a similar MO: we see things in our mind’s eye long before they show up in our lives. Sometimes, we get tired of putting in the work, and we settle for a version - or a replica - of the things we want. This is never a good idea. And the next time you're tempted to do that, think about my phone.

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