The Paths

Let me tell you about my morning this morning. I woke up and went straight to church – online, not in person – and then I planned to organize the apartment before prepping for the week – set goals, outfit prep, meal prep… The goal was to finish organizing/ cleaning and then shower and be on the way to the market by noon. It’s 23 minutes to noon as I write this and I am laying in bed in my sleeping clothes and the apartment is halfway organized. Also, I just shut off Netflix about two minutes ago. Let’s be honest, I reached my screen time limit of Netflix and my phone shut it down.

How did this happen?

I started tidying up and I had a game plan for the organizing/ cleaning part of the day, but I got distracted by my phone. And then I thought I’d make a meal – the initial plan was to make and eat lunch after the market run at the same time as my meal prepping. But somehow, I convinced myself that lunch was in order at 10am. And then as I sat to eat, I turned on Netflix. This is because I have a Netflix addiction and I associate Netflix with lunch. For some reason, the food just doesn’t taste as good without the shows. Then when I was done with lunch, I took the dishes to the sink, but I didn’t do the dishes in the sink. Your girl crawled into bed and thought she’d make a marathon out of the Netflix. And now here we are.

My point is, we need to watch these paths we step on because they are always leading some where. Now excuse me while I roll out of this bed and go find that mop.

Any thoughts?

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