The Fox and the Cat

A fox boasted to a cat one day about how sly and wily he was. ‘I’ve got all kinds of tricks,” the fox said. “For example, whenever I hear the dogs coming, I know a hundred different ways to escape.”

The cat was impressed and humbly said, “Your cleverness is amazing. As for me, I have only one way to escape, and that is to climb up a tree. I know it’s not as exciting as all of your ways, but it works for me. Maybe someday you could show me some of your different escape routes.”

The fox smiled smugly. “Well, friend, perhaps I’ll have some free time one of these days, and I can show you a trick or two.” Mr. Fox sounds so Nigerian!

Shortly afterward, the fox and the cat heard a pack of hounds baying nearby.

“They’re coming this way!” the cat shrieked.

In a flash, she scaled a nearby tree and hid herself in the leaves. The fox stood there trying to decide which of his many tricks to use. Paralyzed with indecision, the fox waited too long to make his move, and the hounds pounced on him.

Aesop’s Moral: One good plan that works is better than a hundred that may work.

Tomi’s Moral: One strategy that you’ve practiced a hundred times will serve you much better than a hundred strategies that you’ve practiced only once.

Any thoughts?

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