Black and White

I was driving yesterday and a song came on the radio. I can’t remember what the song was called, but the point of it was that in life we need to live in either black or white but never shades of gray.

Now, as I’ve become older, I’ve become more philosophical. I think. I hope. And that thought stuck with me for some reason and later on, I realized that I was turning it over in my mind. Truly, trying to navigate shades of gray can easily become cumbersome and decision making can become very stressful. Please take my word for it, I’ve been there, done that and even picked up several t-shirts.

When we’re living in black and white, the boundaries are clear and inelastic. They are not dependent on the light saturation. You never have to whip out any formulas to determine what shade of gray this particular one is so you can determine if it’s one of the few (or many, no judgement here) that you’re comfortable with. When we’re living in black or white, it’s super easy to tell who is the same as you and who not to allow to ‘contaminate’ your person. After all, if even one drop of white paint gets into a river of black paint it has contaminated it and the black is no longer true black. When we’re living in black and white, decision making becomes easy as pie because all we have to do is reject every option that is not in line with our values.

Living in black and white makes life incredibly simple. But not so easy, I’m afraid.

Any thoughts?

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