Taking the Wheel

Confession: I am an instagram junkie. I don’t post very often, but I spend a lot of time looking at what others have posted, and I even get a few (read: a lot of) screenshots. I have seen quite a few posts recently where people talk about how amazing 2016 is going to be. Someone posted that it will their best year ever because 2014 was training, 2015 was practice time, and 2016 is game time. Initially, I thought it was cute, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that how misleading that idea is.

2016 is not going to be anything you don’t deliberately make it. It won’t be any better than any previous year, unless you renew your mind and are deliberate about every area of your life. The fact that we are in a new year does not mean that there is a new you. Personally, I have spent the last few days thinking about my goals for the new year (however trivial) and the changes that I will need to make to ensure that those goals are achievable. And I will continue refining that list and tracking my progress throughout the year, especially for the needed changes I’ve identified because that is what determines my future, not my instagram posts. I’m choosing to save the clichés and privately start passing the necessary tests, because growth comes through tests, not with a new year.

Happy New Year!


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