Going where the love is

As I grow older (and hopefully, wiser) I am learning the value of letting things go, letting go of things that are toxic, or just discomfiting, because I no longer have room on my little boat for excess baggage. And because I’m not looking for trouble, or complication, or drama. Truth be told, it’s always hard to let go, because each of those things meant something big (really big in a lot of cases) to me and were really useful to me at some point. But I am also learning to recognize when a natural ending is imminent and I am learning to take control of the situation and manage my exit.

It’s hard, but the feeling of knowing that I am in the driver’s seat and things in my life are not a series of random collisions that I can only watch unfold is empowering. Incredibly so. And it’s well worth the cost.

Any thoughts?

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