Usage and Control

I play Monopoly a lot on my iPhone.

It’s one of my favorite games because it doesn’t just depend on luck, like some other games, there’s also an element of strategy and a ‘psychological element’. When I play Monopoly, I have a basic strategy that works 9.5 times out of 10. It is a strategy that I developed over time by playing an inordinate amount of monopoly and it plays on my need to retain control because of my fear of losing.

I’ve realized that a lot of life is this same way – we are scared that something we don’t want might happen or someone might hurt us or someone might walk away and so we try to maintain an element of control such that we gain leverage over the other person.

When friendships die as soon as one of the parties’ agendas has been fulfilled and the other party walks away feeling used isn’t he (or she) still richer for the exchange? Vulnerability is viewed as a sign of weakness in our society, but is it? Is it not a (powerful) tool for gaining what we want?

Something to meditate on.

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