You Could, if You Would

I won’t eat akara if you paid me. I wouldn’t even touch it. And I am very happy to skip the meal if I am not able to substitute it for something else. I may eat stewed beans, given the right conditions, if I am in a very good mood but it has never been... Continue Reading →

Changes and Assumptions

On the other side of the year - the very tail end of it, I was in Lagos and needed to pick up some wax fabric (you might know it as ankara) as a gift for someone. I have a standard place or a standard 'guy' for almost everything in my life, so naturally, I... Continue Reading →

Lessons my Hair is Teaching Me

I was washing my hair a few minutes ago and for some reason, today I really noticed all the different textures that I have. I generally tell people that I have that ‘thick African hair that no one wants’ or that ‘Nigerian hair that Lil Wayne raps about’, but that’s not necessarily true. I actually... Continue Reading →

The Toothache

I have a toothache. I’ve had this same toothache for almost a month now. Well, it started out as a toothache and now it feels more like a tender spot in my gum in one corner of my mouth. This means I can only chew on one side of my mouth. It also means I... Continue Reading →

The Paths

Let me tell you about my morning this morning. I woke up and went straight to church - online, not in person - and then I planned to organize the apartment before prepping for the week - set goals, outfit prep, meal prep... The goal was to finish organizing/ cleaning and then shower and be... Continue Reading →

The Closet

I’m laying on my bedroom floor, looking at my closet. The closet is in my line of sight. It’s a great closet. It’s beautifully crafted and everyone that has seen it raves about it and then takes a picture so that they can replicate it. The only thing is this is not what I asked... Continue Reading →

Fear! You again?

When fear walks into the room, he tries to convince us that dangerous and deadly are one and the same so, logically, we respond to dangerous like we would respond to deadly. But dangerous and deadly are not the same. They’re similar, but they’re not synonyms. The was to respond to deadly is the way Scooby-doo responds to everything; dangerous, you can proceed with caution.

This Preparation Thing

If you really believe you’ll have something, you’ll prepare for it. You’ll take the class. You’ll get the recipe. You’ll buy the furniture, or the car mats, or the pram. You won’t be on in the delivery room during your breaks from pushing trying to buy a car seat to take the baby home in. That’s all.

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